Sept 22-23, 2014 RPG, Barney’s, and Movies

I’m having trouble getting all my pictures from this past weeks trip to Catalina Island and my old safari pics downloaded so won’t be posting those till when I can.  I’m thinking of taking less pictures on my next adventures cause I can’t seem to post in time before the next ones.  This week we’re going to the Aquarium of the pacific with a whale watching tour, a scavenger hunt, and comic con so I don’t know how I can keep my posts up unless I take like one photo for each.  I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it.  Anyways, for now I’m posting for this Monday and Tuesday.  Monday, we had rpg which is getting interesting.  We’re doing Cthulhu playing ourselves.  We went to Barney’s after.

After devouring oursleves in some delicious sashimi and calamari and oyster shots!  I keep forgetting to take pictures before, lol.  But trust me, it was good!

IMG_20140922_233020 IMG_20140922_233027

On Tuesday, I spent the day reading and my mom and I went to the theater, later, to see Tammy.  It was okay.  We came home and watched The Voice.


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