6/19/15-7/5/15 Birthdays, graduation and 4th of July

I’m posting random pictures from the past few weeks.  I’ve been busy lately to take pictures but uploaded a few I did. Rebecca had her birthday at a golf course where they played a movie outdoors.


My niece had her graduation party.


James and I at Rustic Spoon.  The curry was delicious.


4th of July and James birthday, we ate at Gyukaku and saw fireworks.



James is taking a panoramic shot and I’m trying to hide from the camera.  We went to the top of Mulholland and somewhere around Laurel Canyon to watch the fireworks.

IMG_0912_2IMG_0773IMG_0924IMG_0919My mom and I at travel town in Griffith Park. We hopped on the small train.  We also, went for a small walk and read at the top of the hill near Los feliz side.



Feb 14-15, 2015 Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday, I went to the mall to get something for James for Valentine’s.  After he got home from work he surprised me and took me to the store and bought me some converse shoes.  🙂  So sweet.  Then he took me to eat all you can eat sushi.   I had a great time and the food was delicious.


Oyster Shooters.  My favorite.IMG_0314IMG_0311IMG_0313


Today, I went to work.  They ordered ice cream for the whole crew.  I had the strawberry sour cream cause they ran out of chocolate.  I thought it was okay but it was shaped like a heart.  🙂



Dec 29-Jan 1, 2015 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s 2015, already!  This New Year’s Eve I was invited to a party and couple dinners but I didn’t want to go without James.  He was sick and not feeling well so I chose to stay in with him.  We just stayed in, had dinner, and watched a couple movies.

He made pasta and meatballs.  We ate it with some crab dip and chips.


James made some beats. This one with a sample from the ending of Legends of Korra, I thought I’d share. 🙂

Another beat he’s working on.

Dec 28, 2014 Dining in

I got up and ate breakfast.  My mom and I read a Christmas book and watched a dvd I borrowed for her the other day.  Later, I did some cleaning up and organizing around the house.  I headed out to the store to get some things we needed for the house and dropped it off before heading back out.  James and I, went grocery shopping then watched X-Men First Class.  He made an awesome dinner for us, again.  What a sweetheart.  🙂20141228_201223


I’m still deciding on whether I should make this a weekly or daily blog, or just post whenever I feel like it….Decisions.

Dec 26-27, 2014 Relaxing after Christmas

Friday,  I woke up, had breakfast, got my things together and jumped in the shower.  I played a couple games with my mom before heading out.   I stopped at the Library to borrow a book and some dvds.  James and I, ate a late lunch and finished watching a movie at his place.  We played a game of Dominion and just chilled cause he had to be up at 5a.  I stayed up late playing with his iPad, as I do almost every night, whether he has to get up early or not. 🙂  ha.  I usually play my favorite game app or watch youtube.

Rummy with some Christmas cards on our game table.



On Saturday, I slept in late which felt nice.  I drove home and spent the day taking some of the Christmas decor down  and organizing since I don’t know when I’ll be home next time to do it.  I also, made time for a nice relaxing bath.  🙂  I ended up falling asleep again after my bath cause I was so relaxed but I had to wake up and make dinner. I spent the rest of the night playing my game and watching a little tv.

Dec 25, 2014 Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

I came home in the afternoon and we opened presents.  My mom and I went to Calabasas and saw a movie.  We were going to watch, “Into the woods” but it was so packed the only seats available were the front row, so we ended up watching, “Annie”.  I thought it was good.  I watched Annie a lot as a kid so I enjoyed hearing the songs.  Later, we just came home and I made dinner for us and relaxed.

One of my favorite bands, Dixie Chicks.