Carnival Cruise Imagination to Ensenada – day 3 of 3

Cruise day 3

On our last day, it was sea day, and we decided to spend most of the day by the pool and just relax, as the weather that day was perfect.   We woke up that morning and headed to Pride Dining to grab some breakfast before we headed to the theatre to get a little dance class in.  They were teaching the dance to Michael Jackson’s thriller.  After the class, we headed to the pool to swim and lay back and enjoy the sun while drinking a delicious drink I liked called, the Twilight Zone.  There was a dancefloor by the pool with a dj so we got up and danced with the crowd.  We then, tested the jacuzzi toward the back of the ship and swapped stories with some cool people.  Later, that day we headed to our room to get changed and get ready for dinner.  We went to the comedy show after dinner for one last time and then headed back to our room to pack for the next day’s debarkation.

IMAG0225 IMAG0226

The Indian boy in front was so cute.  He kept saying he wasn’t a good dancer but reluctantly did the routine well. 🙂

IMAG0222 IMAG0223-2 IMAG0221


On the dancefloor.


Overall, I had a lot of fun!  I definitely, want to go on another cruise.  I heard this was a small ship (although, it felt big to me) compared to many that are out there.  I would like to try the big ones but wouldn’t mind trying the next one up from this one so I can enjoy each ship size to the fullest.


Carnival Cruise Imagination to Ensenada – day 2 of 3

Carnival Cruise day 2

On day 2 we arrived in Ensenada, Mexico.  While everyone left the ship early we had a bit of a late start because we wanted to eat breakfast on the ship and relax a little before we headed off.  We originally decided we were going to just walk around town and do some shopping.  As we were headed to town, our bus guide told us we could do an excursion for half the price the cruise were charging if we bought it from the locals, so we decided to change plans and jump on that opportunity.  We took a bus that was about an hour bus ride away to the blowhole site called, La Bufadora.  There were some shopping, as well as, one of the best shrimp tacos I’ve ever tried  (recommended by our tour guide) at a restaurant as soon as we got off the bus.

IMAG0133IMAG013410464252_10202918512222241_778241133689294427_n We even got to carry a cute lion cub!  Which was the best part of my trip!  I bought the hat I’m wearing from a vendor for $8 and he gave us an Ensenada/blowhole keychain for keepsake. Very nice man. 100MEDIA$IMAG0159 10455239_10202918513382270_5397029863333717688_n100MEDIA$IMAG0158 IMAG0150 IMAG0149IMAG0147IMAG0146IMAG0145-2IMAG0145

Luvy just getting off the steep slide on the right.  It was in the restaurant in the same place we took photos with the baby lion.

IMAG0171As we were getting ready to board the ship we took the opportunity to take pictures in front of our ship.  I also, took a picture of this couple, who we met along the way to blowhole (who were very nice and kept an eye on us for the remainder of the trip) and in the midst of it, I misplaced my ID and Sign & Sail card which i need to board.  I found it in the end, though.  Thank god.  Phew!IMAG0183IMAG0184IMAG0190IMAG0189


When we got back on the ship, we headed to watch the comedy show for the 2nd night in a row (highly reccommend) before we went back to our room to get ready for dinner and dancing at the club.  Before the club we saw the show called, “Epic Rock” in the main theatre.

IMAG0203IMAG020410375906_10202918512422246_4939868658048302222_n-1  There was a wait for our table so we headed next door to the library where we played some games, like taboo.

IMAG0209 IMAG0211 IMAG0208

Carnival Cruise Imagination to Ensenada – day 1 of 3

Carnival Cruise Day 1

June 19-22, 2014

3 day cruise

This was mines and my friend Luvy’s first cruise.  I remembered calling her telling her I want to go on a cruise and one month later we were aboard the Carnival Imagination to Ensenada. wpid-imag0097.jpgIMAG0096wpid-img_20140619_114938.jpgwpid-imag0095.jpgwpid-imag0098.jpg       We boarded right before lunch so I got a chance to take a few pictures before the crowd arrived. IMG_20140619_153642wpid-img_20140619_115932.jpgwpid-img_20140619_115927.jpg We decided to explore the ship and headed to the upper decks to see the great view.  The scenery was breathtaking (at, least for a first time cruiser like me :)) and although it was windy, it did not stop us from taking photos and looking out at the beautiful sea. IMG_20140619_153648IMG_20140619_152750IMG_20140619_152803IMAG0107_BURST002_COVERIMAG0108_BURST002_COVERIMG_20140619_153656IMG_20140619_153711IMG_20140619_153836

Bye Longbeach and Queen Mary.IMG_20140619_153831We also, took a tour of the spa.  We didn’t use it but I definitely, would like to try it someday.  After grabbing lunch from the lido deck, it was close to 1:30p where our rooms were ready to check in.  We had the ocean view toward the back of the ship and I found it to be rather confortable for the duration of our trip.  Later, that evening we participated in the safety drill, as well as, the sail away before heading to dinner and seeing the show, “Divas” in the Dynasty lounge.  Afterward, we caught their comedy show, which was hilarious, and then headed to a piano bar for some drinks.  What a geat first night on the ship!