8/11-8/14 Las Vegas and Utah

I took my mom to Vegas for a few days.


I met up with a couple of friends for a spa day and dinner.  🙂


We drove out to Utah for a day and visited Zion national park.  My mom and I walked about a mile in to the beginning of The Narrows, which is a hike through the Virgin River, literally.  The whole hike is walking in water about ankle deep or higher.


As soon as we got to the water, I hiked by myself about an hour in and an hour out while my mom read her book at the start of the river hike.   I wish I could’ve hiked longer but I didn’t want my mom to wait too long.  I had a great time.



Las Vegas 4/11-14/2015

My mom and I met with our family in Vegas for my grandmother’s birthday.   We spent the first day celebrating her birthday.

My cousins ordered so much food that we couldn’t finish it.  I really liked the garlic rice with chicken.


My cousin and her boyfriend.20150411_18153720150411_183429

2 of my cousins are on the right ordering waaay too much food.  It kept coming where we had no where to put it.20150411_18151020150411_193552

 I met up with my friends who live in Vegas the second night for dinner at a Korean restaurant.  The kalbi was really good.  I love when I get a chance to see them.


We spent most of our time in Vegas gambling and eating.

On Monday, on our way to meet up with our family to gamble, my mom kept stopping me to look at this country singer on stage.  She thought he was so handsome.  She’s so cute.


They had a cool zip line above where the light show is in downtown.  Someday I want to try it. 🙂

Tuesday, we checked out of our hotel and went to grab lunch with my family one last time before heading out.

After we left, I wanted to take my mom to see Red Rock Canyon.  I’ve never been there, either, so I wanted to check it out, as well.  I

t’s a 40 minute drive around.  We quickly drove through and took pictures cause I wanted to start heading back home before it got dark.

It was really windy that day.


We stopped at a couple outlet stores on our way home.  By the time we got back it was around 11p.  I

had a nice time on my trip seeing my family and a few friends.  🙂

Reno, NV and Lake Tahoe day 1-3

Aug 20-23, 2014

I headed to Reno for 3 days because my sister is attending college out there.  On the way there, I had a stop in Pheonix.  I bought a lollipop with a scorpian in it for my friend, cause he eats weird things, and ate dinner at a place called, New York Pizza Dept in the airport in Arizona.

IMG_20140820_182204IMG_20140820_184030 IMG_20140820_184401

When I got to Reno my dad, my sister, and I ate at a restaurant downstairs from our hotel.  It was late so most places were closed.  I had the delicious coconut prawns!  I wasn’t that hungry cause I had that pizza for dinner in pheonix.


My sister and I played games till 3a downstairs while my dad was sleeping.

The next day, we helped my sister move in to her dorm.  She’s majoring in business and is really smart for her age.  She just turned 17 and is starting college.  She’s even got a signed letter from President Obama for being an outstanding student.  So proud of her!  After we helped her get situated, my dad and I headed to lake tahoe for a day trip.  My sister couldn’t come because she had orientation and other things to do.

Lake tahoe is not too far from Reno.  We entered from the north side and drove around the whole lake.  We heard a lot about the south side so we had to check it out, as well!

After eating lunch on the north side…

10634140_903018116379424_168978094_n 10613915_903018226379413_344336228_n 10637972_903018393046063_591179356_n (1) 10563414_903018299712739_289835249_n

South side was beautiful…

10590043_903018789712690_1097459737_n 10617524_903018603046042_2039751429_n 10637992_903018689712700_602918373_n 10631370_903018343046068_1964618591_o 10621007_903018619712707_713275968_n 10570585_903018583046044_97504262_n (1) 10599984_903018433046059_115877892_o 10595950_903018499712719_1401947850_n 10599910_903018799712689_1394086512_o 10613801_903018806379355_1354647874_n

I definitely, want to go back, again.  I need to make more time there cause this trip I just didn’t have the time to really explore everything.  We picked up my sister later that evening and ate at an all you can eat sushi restaurant. They had some really good nigiri sushi. 🙂

The day before we left, we all went to the mall and grabbed a bite to eat.  We said bye to my sis.

10634269_903018759712693_727438116_n 10638160_903018756379360_735974039_n

My dad and I ate at a chinese restaurant on our last night.  Guess what was in my fortune cookie?


Will do!

Walking around Reno later that night.


Reno, is a nice town, as well.  Small but nice.  It felt like a mini Vegas.  I enjoyed my time there and would love to visit, again.


Birthday Las Vegas & Grand Canyon – Day 2 of 3

Birthday Day 2

We spent most of the day driving to Arizona visiting the Grand Canyon.  We visited the South Rim so it was a 5 hour drive from Vegas. We stopped at a store gas station along the way there.  All I know is it had a lot of Route 66 souvenirs so I’m assuming the store was called Route 66.  Anyways, the drive over was nice.  I did not realize Arizona had many trees in certain areas.  I’d pictured it to be all desert but I was pleasantly surprised.  When we finally got to the Grand Canyon, we went to a look out point. I couldn’t believe how big it was and how amazing it looked.  One of my friends said, it looked like a painting cause it didn’t look real, and I totally agree.  If I can say one word to describe what I thought of it, it would be ……WOW.

photo 1-7IMG_20140731_104959IMG_20140731_104927IMG_20140731_105142IMG_20140731_105049-2IMG_20140731_105011photo 4photo 2-5

The weather was supposed to rain with scattered t-storms that day but it was actually bright and sunny the whole time we were there.

IMG_20140731_112539photo 3-2IMG_20140731_105345IMG_20140731_112558IMG_20140731_112629-2photo 5-3photo 4-4

My friend and I took a selfie while waiting for another friend.  We wanted a group photo but we couldn’t get cell service to tell my friend where we were.  FYI if you’re ever at the Grand Canyon.  No cell service.

photo 2-10photo 1-11photo 4-5photo 5-4

It took us 5 hours, again to get back to Las Vegas.  On the way back it actually started raining.  I’m grateful it didn’t happen while we were there.  By the time we were back in Vegas we were so exhausted but we wanted to eat dinner.  We ate at a buffet, walked through the casino and shops, went on a couple rides, and played some games.  We didn’t really gamble this trip. Well, I didn’t, at least. :).  I just really wanted to see the Grand Canyon on this trip.  I definitely, want to make a trip back to the Grand Canyon, someday but next time fly in, cause I want to hike and check out the West Rim, as well.  Overall, great trip!  Wonderful wonder of the world.