Carnival Ecstasy Cruise to Bahamas – Day 5 of 5

We woke up and went to eat breakfast before we disembarked the ship.   I had the smoked salmon bagel one last time.  🙂


We went to South Beach Miami to swim.  The weather was nice and the beach was beautiful.   I loved the white sand and clear waters.


We ate lunch at Clevelander’s.  We shared a delicious shrimp ceasar salad.


It rained for about 15 minutes but we didn’t get wet.


We then headed to the airport back to Cali.  A cute dog at baggage claim.


I had so much fun again on our cruise. Hopefully, another one next year!


Carnival Ecstasy Cruise to Bahamas 2015 – Day 3 of 5

Today,  we arrived at Half Moon Cay.  It’s a private island owned by Holland America but Carnival,  I think, is the only ship that goes there, as well.  Other cruise lines own different private islands but heard this one’s the best and I think they’re right.  The sand was like white powdery sand.  We spent the whole day there.   They offered free food on the island, as well.

Eating breakfast before we got off the ship.   Short video.


We took a tender to the island.

20150513_070606 20150513_071510 20150513_071836 20150513_072012 20150513_072030 20150513_072323

Finally.   Amazing and beautiful.   The water was so clear.   We could see our ship right there.

20150513_112930 20150513_07354120150513_073045

Ready for lunch.  Waiting for a ride.

20150513_09405220150513_094038 20150513_095647 20150513_100643

After lunch, we swam a little more and got some souveniers.

20150513_102950 20150513_094105 20150513_112936

Heading back to the ship.

20150513_114451 20150513_114510 20150513_114649 20150513_11500620150513_115017

On the serenity deck saying bye to half moon cay.  We both took sea shells from the island and James made a pendant with one of his to give to me.   So sweet.

20150513_131005 20150513_130437 20150513_130521-120150513_130509

We had dinner and sat next to 2 nice couples.

20150513_174927 20150513_175022 20150513_17511320150513_174845

The appetizers were good but I didn’t really care for my food this night so we went to the Lido deck and I ordered a mozzarella caprese sandwich.   I put salami in it which tasted really good.  We took it outside to eat on the balcony which was very nice.


I had a good day.   We got really burnt but it was so much fun!

I loved the seperate night light we each had above our beds.  Every night I’d read my book while James was asleep.  So peaceful.  I miss that.


Carnival Ecstasy cruise to Bahamas 2015 – Day 1 of 5

We ate at our go to sushi place a couple days before heading out to Florida for a 4 night cruise to Bahamas.  We were very excited.


We left late sunday night and flew into Fort Lauderdale around 5am.  We made our way on the train down to Miami.  We walked around Bayside but everything was closed cause we were so early so we took the trolley to the port and ate at a breakfast restaurant we saw around there.


It was finally time to check in.


As soon as we got on board we went to the Library to play a little game because our room was almost ready but not yet.


 My anchor earrings.  20150511_10380320150511_10362920150511_104144

After we went to our room we walked around and grabbed lunch on the Lido deck.

Later, that night we went to eat dinner and saw a comedy show.