8/2015 A few pics this August.

I went to the lego convention with a few friends.

20150823_10263720150823_11235920150823_10054320150823_10061020150823_10064420150823_100514I made this and stuck it on the wall with everyone else’s.


I bought this Irish bar.


I went to my friend Irene’s baby Bbq.  🙂  The dogs pray before they eat.  So cute.


My favorite for the summer. It’s a slushee maker I bought from Wal-Mart for $10. Love it!  I’ve used it a few times and it works great!




7/11/2015 Super hero shirts

I went to the game store one day and a deaf girl asked me to model some of her shirts she was selling.  I love how she incorporated hands into the logos.  To me, the shirts look better in person cause you can see them clearer.  This was unexpected so I’m not wearing any makeup.  If you’re interested, here is her site. http://deafniche.com/stores#/kadwear


Carnival Ecstasy Cruise to Bahamas 2015 – Day 4 of 5

Today, we arrived in Nassau, Bahamas.   We grabbed breakfast before heading out to check out the town.

20150514_060457 20150514_060648 20150514_061246 20150514_061335 20150514_061236

As soon as we got off the ship we caught a cab to Atlantis on Paradise island.   There’s a few things to see there but you need a pass which we didn’t get.20150514_083246 20150514_085436 20150514_093713 20150514_093610 20150514_093750

We took pictures of the aquarium.

 20150514_084344 20150514_084529 20150514_084834 20150514_084956 20150514_085046 20150514_085210

Some people were swimming with stingrays and sharks.

20150514_084131 20150514_084210 20150514_084204

We snuck into one of the 11 pools they have there.


After we walked around Atlantis we caught a cab back and walked around the shops nearby the ship.   I wanted a dress so I bought that,  some souvenirs,  and James got me and some of his family some silver earrings.

20150514_101649 20150514_102646 20150514_103051 20150514_112209

I bought us some conch fritters to try.   A friend recommended I try that there so we did.   I liked it.  🙂


Later,  we got back on the ship. We grabbed some food and grabbed a seat near the window so we could say good bye to Nassau.

20150514_131634 20150514_131622 20150514_133205 20150514_133250 20150514_133345 20150514_133411

We went to see a game show and had dinner.  We played battleship in the Library.

20150514_142303 20150514_145551 20150514_145542 20150514_145545 20150514_150723

My dress I bought in Nassau.20150514_193500


5/19/15 – Du-par’s Grand Opening

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to finish posting my cruise.  Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have time.

Today,  we went to the grand opening of Dupar’s in Encino.   The price for the meals cost less than a dollar because it was how much they charged when the original Dupar’s opened in 1938. 🙂


I had the cheese burger with fries, a side of clam chowder for 10 cents, an OJ, and Apple pie.  It was less than a dollar for my whole meal.


After, I went to my dental appointment.  I did a few errands then took my mom out for a bit.  I brought my mom home and we had dinner.  I met up with James later and we went to his friend’s house to play cards.

Carnival Ecstasy cruise to Bahamas 2015 – Day 1 of 5

We ate at our go to sushi place a couple days before heading out to Florida for a 4 night cruise to Bahamas.  We were very excited.


We left late sunday night and flew into Fort Lauderdale around 5am.  We made our way on the train down to Miami.  We walked around Bayside but everything was closed cause we were so early so we took the trolley to the port and ate at a breakfast restaurant we saw around there.


It was finally time to check in.


As soon as we got on board we went to the Library to play a little game because our room was almost ready but not yet.


 My anchor earrings.  20150511_10380320150511_10362920150511_104144

After we went to our room we walked around and grabbed lunch on the Lido deck.

Later, that night we went to eat dinner and saw a comedy show.


Feb 17-20, 2015 3rd week of February

Tuesday, I went with my mom to see a movie and to the library.  I made her dinners then headed to James and made dinner for the both of us.  We didn’t do much but watch tv and hang out.  Wednesday,  James and I went to the park then went shopping at Wal-Mart.  On our way back we saw a nice dining table someone had in front of their house and picked it up.  We’ve been talking about getting a new table for a while now and we happen to see it not too far from his place which was pretty awesome!  Thursday, I went with my friend Paul to play games and we later ended up playing games at Carl’s.

Roll for the galaxy.


 Today,  I went to pick up my mom’s pills, grocery shopping, the library to pick up my mom’s books, and to my place to make my mom a couple of meals and headed back to James.