8/24/16 Guns N Roses Concert!

I went to a Guns N Roses concert last week Friday.  It was so good!  I got so lucky that day. We bought the $50 tickets and when we got there they offered us $200 tickets on the lower level!  I also, really wanted a shirt but wasn’t sure I wanted to fork out the $40 for a shirt so I reluctantly walked out of the stadium.  There were a bunch of guys selling replica shirts outside that looked similar so I thought I’d take a look. It seemed almost exact except the dates on the back of the shirt were off. I held up the shirt asking him about the date when I noticed him slowly backing up, then I looked down again and back up and he was gone.  I ended up with a free shirt!  I was so happy!! Best day!  I just wish I was closer and Axl was still young and handsome then it would’ve been perfect!  


Mid July – 8/1/15 Birthday!

Random pics.  I haven’t really had time to take pics and upload but I have some pictures.

James and I had a date night and went to play miniature golf.  It was a really nice night.  We had fun in the arcade, too.


We grabbed breakfast one day somewhere in woodland hills. First time I tried hash browns with ranch.  The food was really good there.


James and I celebrated our birthdays at a spa which was really nice.  On my actual birthday, James had to work so I went to Catalina island by myself.  I wanted to take advantage of the free ride and go there to relax and read.


Birthday ice cream at Baskin Robin and pancakes at ihop. Yumm.



Aug 15-17, 2014 Chevy’s Fresh Mex and Speed Zone

Friday, I went to the store then we went to Chevy’s Fresh Mex restaurant.  I had the Mar Y Tierra which was really good and filling.  It had a grilled chicken taco, a steak fajita, and a crab & shrimp enchilada with rice and beans on the side.  Doesn’t that sound delicious?  Well, it was.  And I would’ve taken a picture but I saw it looked delicious and ate it before I could remember.  After, we went back to the store to play more games, then we went to Dennys and had a milkshake.

Saturday, I did a lot of errands in the morning and afternoon, because I’m going out of town later this week.  I was so tired, I came home and was supposed to sleep for 10 minutes cause I had to meet my ex roommate to go to Speed Zone.  I kept pressing the snooze button and 2 hours later we finally met up.  Oh my god, I was so tired.  By the time we met up it was already night. But I got my energy back once we rode the 1st ride which was the go karts.


We did the drag racing next.  Fun!


Then we went miniature golfing.  Followed by tons of arcade games.


#birthday month

I painted my nails with lips on it.  It’s bright pink but doesn’t look like it on here.

IMG_20140814_230208 IMG_20140814_230145

I also, bought some cool spiderman playing cards earlier, today.


Today, I’m doing lots of laundry, grocery shopping, and packing.  I’m flying to Reno to see my sister and my dad later in the week.  Then when I get back from my trip, the very next day, I’m going to Yosemite with my mom.  She’s never been so I thought I’d take her.

Aug 13-14, 2014 Benihanas and Greystone Mansion

Last night, we went to Benihanas.  I had the lobster and steak.  I keep forgetting to take a picture of my food.  Although, I remembered at the last minute. #birthdaymonth

20140813_210848 20140813_211606

Today, I took my mom for a walk at Greystone mansion owned by oil tycoon, Edward L. Doheny.  I’ve never been there so I thought we’d go and take a look.  It was a big mansion but I thought it was okay.  I guess, I’m a little jaded cause I’ve seen better ones on set but it is nice. I’m sure if we got to go inside it would’ve been even nicer but we could only walk the perimeter.

Little fact, Edward’s son Edward Ned Doheny and his wife resided at this address after his father passed but was later shot to death in his home rumored to have been over the teapot dome scandal his father was involved in.   Later, Ned’s wife sold the property and it was used in numerous films.  In 1965, the city of Beverly Hills heard it was going to be demolished and bought the mansion turning it into a city park in 1971, opening it to the public.  It is still used in movies, today.

No picture taking.  So shhh..

IMG_20140814_154736 IMG_20140814_154703 IMG_20140814_154642 IMG_20140814_154605 IMG_20140814_154348 IMG_20140814_154413 IMG_20140814_154447

Telling my mom to hurry and take my picture cause I’m trying to stay on the down low.  She took like 10 minutes!  She kept snapping cause she didn’t know how to use my phone.

IMG_20140814_154235 IMG_20140814_154023 IMG_20140814_153724 IMG_20140814_153451 IMG_20140814_153603

Aug 11-13, 2014 Wokcano, friends, dentist, and Benihanas

On Monday, we had RPG at the store then we went to Wokcano.  It’s an asian fusion restaurant and the food there was good.  I keep forgetting to take pictures of my food, cause if it’s good, I usually just start eating. 🙂  Anyways, we shared some sushi and regular food and enjoyed the delicious oyster shooters!  I had two. 😉   We stayed till about 1:30a then went home.  Yesterday, Tuesday, I had another dental appointment.  I’m getting my teeth done at UCLA with a senior dental student throughout the year.  Well, not the whole year but, throughout.  The next time I see him is in October.  My mom has been going to UCLA for her medical appointments so I trust them.  Along with my crowns, I am getting my old fillings replaced and he has to go over things with his professor so it’s a drawn out process but, I’m okay with it, because they are very thorough since they have to go through everything.  Like, the first day they did a bone density check and other exams of my mouth before they worked on it.  The professor always does a double check when he works on me, as well.  I feel I’m getting better care with my teeth vs a regular dentist, because they have to be so thorough.  Later, I went to my friend’s place.  We payed homage to Robin Williams and watched Jumanji (which I’ve never seen before).  I didn’t go there to watch that specifically but we stumbled on it and figured, why not?  We also, watched an 80’s, well, early 90’s film.  Today, I just finished making my moms dinner and I’m about to jump in the shower, cause after lunch, I might head to the store for a bit.  We’re also, going to Benihanas tonight.  🙂  Birthday month.