Carnival Ecstasy Cruise to Bahamas 2015 – Day 4 of 5

Today, we arrived in Nassau, Bahamas.   We grabbed breakfast before heading out to check out the town.

20150514_060457 20150514_060648 20150514_061246 20150514_061335 20150514_061236

As soon as we got off the ship we caught a cab to Atlantis on Paradise island.   There’s a few things to see there but you need a pass which we didn’t get.20150514_083246 20150514_085436 20150514_093713 20150514_093610 20150514_093750

We took pictures of the aquarium.

 20150514_084344 20150514_084529 20150514_084834 20150514_084956 20150514_085046 20150514_085210

Some people were swimming with stingrays and sharks.

20150514_084131 20150514_084210 20150514_084204

We snuck into one of the 11 pools they have there.


After we walked around Atlantis we caught a cab back and walked around the shops nearby the ship.   I wanted a dress so I bought that,  some souvenirs,  and James got me and some of his family some silver earrings.

20150514_101649 20150514_102646 20150514_103051 20150514_112209

I bought us some conch fritters to try.   A friend recommended I try that there so we did.   I liked it.  🙂


Later,  we got back on the ship. We grabbed some food and grabbed a seat near the window so we could say good bye to Nassau.

20150514_131634 20150514_131622 20150514_133205 20150514_133250 20150514_133345 20150514_133411

We went to see a game show and had dinner.  We played battleship in the Library.

20150514_142303 20150514_145551 20150514_145542 20150514_145545 20150514_150723

My dress I bought in Nassau.20150514_193500



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