Sequoia National Park – Day 2 of 2

March 25, 2015

Day 2


The morning started off clear.  The view outside our room was beautiful.


We were planning to hike Tokopah Falls but the road was closed.   So we drove to check out the 100 giant trees.   We just drove around then headed back to Moro Rock cause we didn’t get a good view the day before.


Moro Rock was much better, today.  The view was spectacular on both sides of the stairway.IMG_0564IMG_0561IMG_0566IMG_0573IMG_0574-120150325_122620

We hiked to the top to see a much clearer view from the day before.


We stopped at the museum on the way out of Sequoia.  We found out Tokopah Falls was actually open but we were already on the way out.  😦  I was a little bummed about that.  We had to head back early cause James had work early the next day.



Overall, I enjoyed my time in Sequoia.  I wish we had a little more time to check out more hikes but it was a nice quick getaway. 🙂



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