March 3-5, 2015 Food & Flowers

Tuesday, Jame’s took me to Noodle Star, again.  He wanted his favorite Thai curry.  We found out the restaurant is closing this Sunday for good which he was a little bummed about.  I guess, it was meant for us to eat there this week so he could have his favorite dish one last time. I don’t usually eat Thai but thought I’d try something different. I tried the Thai spaghetti which was just okay. His Thai curry was good, though.


Wednesday, James and I went to his mom’s work in Woodland hills to drop off something and then went to North Hollywood and did a little shopping before he had to drop off one of his guitars and pedals to be fixed.  We ate at a Taco joint nearby for dinner.   I thought the tacos were pretty good.  We saw Ga

rfield as soon as we walked in.  C




Today, I had a lot to do.  I ran errands and came back to James’s around 4p.  When I got here, I noticed some flowers on the table.  My baby’s so sweet, he got me a dozen pink roses!  I’m so happy!!  I love roses!!

20150305_155606It fits perfectly on the table. 🙂


Later, his friend came by and they worked on some beats.  I took pics of his friend’s machine cause I thought the way it lights up was so cool.



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