Feb 21-25, 2015 4th week of February

Saturday, my friend Eric had game night at his place so James and I went there after his job.  After we left,  we went to eat dinner at a hole in the wall Louisiana seafood restaurant in Pasadena.  I had the fried oysters, which I liked, and he had the fried Salmon.

Sunday, I went to my place to make my mom food and got a bunch of things done at home before going back to James.

Monday, after work, James and I went to his friend’s place.  Then he took me to Noodle Star, afterward.  I had the Seafood udon which I thought was much better than last time and James had the same thing from last time.  Curry seafood.


Tuesday, James had a day off so we stayed in most of the day and relaxed.  We read a bit, then headed out to a few stores later in the afternoon to just shop around and pick up a few things we needed.  We stopped at Big lots and on our way out, we bought some tamales from a lady who was selling it outside.  I thought the chicken tamale was really good.

Wednesday, I had to be up early cause my mom had labs,  I had a dental appointment and my mom had two dental appointments.   I wanted to squeeze all the appointments in one day.   We got to UCLA around 8a for her labs and it ended up that something happened where we couldn’t do it that day so I basically got up early for nothing and have to go back another day to do it.  😦  Anyways,  I had my dental appointment after and ended up spending $20 on parking cause I was like 10 minutes late and this was with validation! double  😦 😦  After, my mom had her appointment around 1p but we forgot her pills she needed to take before she goes to the dentist so I had to quickly drive all the way back home which was about 30-45 minutes away and come back in time for her appointment!  (Yes, that’s the kind of day I was having.)  Thank god, we made it just in time for her appointment and I ended up waiting in the car for both her appointments. I was there for quite a while so I grabbed lunch in between.  After her appointment,  I dropped her off at home.  I made her dinner before I left and went to James.  We went to Joann’s later to get some fabric to reupholster the chairs we got with the dining table.  We also, stopped at a Ross down the street for a bit on the way home.




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