Feb 17-20, 2015 3rd week of February

Tuesday, I went with my mom to see a movie and to the library.  I made her dinners then headed to James and made dinner for the both of us.  We didn’t do much but watch tv and hang out.  Wednesday,  James and I went to the park then went shopping at Wal-Mart.  On our way back we saw a nice dining table someone had in front of their house and picked it up.  We’ve been talking about getting a new table for a while now and we happen to see it not too far from his place which was pretty awesome!  Thursday, I went with my friend Paul to play games and we later ended up playing games at Carl’s.

Roll for the galaxy.


 Today,  I went to pick up my mom’s pills, grocery shopping, the library to pick up my mom’s books, and to my place to make my mom a couple of meals and headed back to James.


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