Jan 18-19, 2014 Mall, Food, and Gaming

I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging, lately, huh?  Anyways, today my mom and I went to the mall and had lunch.

Shrimp and sweet fire chicken.  Yum.


Picked up a bath bomb at Lush and the sales lady was so nice she offered me some samples.  A body conditioner which I tried today in the shower which smelt nice and some body glitter.


James cooked a delicious meal, today.  So sweet.


Yesterday, the store closed early so I went with my game buddy, Paul, to McDonald’s and we brought some games there to play.

I actually, thought Roll for the galaxy was pretty good.  Less complex than Race for the Galaxy.


Colored my hair a darker brown.  It looks black.


And after…IMG_020120150119_204851

First pic was with James’s phone (iphone 6 plus), second pic was with mine (galaxy s3).  My pic on front facing camera is so dark.  There was a little more light on the iphone but the camera is definitely better.  I like my s3, though cause I like the droid operating system on it and also, James was so sweet to give it to me. 😀


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