Dec 26-27, 2014 Relaxing after Christmas

Friday,  I woke up, had breakfast, got my things together and jumped in the shower.  I played a couple games with my mom before heading out.   I stopped at the Library to borrow a book and some dvds.  James and I, ate a late lunch and finished watching a movie at his place.  We played a game of Dominion and just chilled cause he had to be up at 5a.  I stayed up late playing with his iPad, as I do almost every night, whether he has to get up early or not. 🙂  ha.  I usually play my favorite game app or watch youtube.

Rummy with some Christmas cards on our game table.



On Saturday, I slept in late which felt nice.  I drove home and spent the day taking some of the Christmas decor down  and organizing since I don’t know when I’ll be home next time to do it.  I also, made time for a nice relaxing bath.  🙂  I ended up falling asleep again after my bath cause I was so relaxed but I had to wake up and make dinner. I spent the rest of the night playing my game and watching a little tv.


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