Dec 15-21, 2014 3rd week of December

Monday, I went out to eat lunch and came back and cleaned.  I watched Harold and Kumar’s Christmas movie while waiting for James to come home from work.  I thought the movie was funny.   Tuesday, after I got back from work,  James and I went to the mall to look for gifts for our mom’s.

Wednesday,  I went out to eat lunch and stopped by the game store for a bit. Thursday,  I took my mom to her dental appointment in the morning.   After, we went to to eat lunch.  Then we stopped at the pharmacy,  picked up a gift for a friend,  went to the Post office,  and the Library before heading home.   I prepped my mom’s dinner for the next couple days and did some laundry, as well.   I spent the rest of the night with James.  F

riday,  I went to work.  Saturday,  I went to visit my friend, Eric, who was in the hospital.  Then, my mom and I went to eat dinner and my friend, Marisha, met up with us to see some Christmas lights at Hastings ranch.  Today, Sunday, I’ll probably head home make my mom’s dinners, get a couple more gifts at the mall, and start wrapping gifts cause I haven’t had time.

Waiting in the car before work.


20141220_21420820141220_21415220141220_21591620141220_214816Battery was dying on my phone so no flash.



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