Dec 1-7, 2014 1st week of December

I just got back from taking my mom to the movies.  This past week I mostly had rehearsals.  I honestly, don’t know what’s going on with our show if we’re having it or not.  There have been some problems with equity and the venue so we’ll see.  Anyways, I worked on an infomercial at the Four Seasons hotel in Westlake Village this week, as well.  I had fun cause I got to sit and chat the whole time with a friend I hadn’t seen since last christmas.

Waiting at work..


My mom working on a Christmas lego set I got as a prize on Queen Latifah last year.  I got a few cool gifts from her show and this was one of them, a cute Christmas lego set worth around $100.

IMG_20141203_171131 IMG_20141203_171105 IMG_20141203_171709

Painted my nails.  OPI Bond collection and China Glaze.


Oh yeah, and hung around this dude all week. 😀


Aww… 🙂


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