Nov 24-30, 2014 4th week of November

I spent most of this week staying in relaxing and watching movies with James.  He came over for dinner on Monday.  I honestly, can’t remember what I did on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I had an informal rehearsal for our play at one of the girl’s house.  On Thanksgiving, we drove to the OC and had dinner and played a few games with my cousins.


My old classmate’s sister…


Yummy sake..IMG_20141127_210052

Friday, I took my mom out to her very first, Black Friday.  I usually, go around 10a each year and still find great deals.  Although, I do someday want to go early in the morning to experience what it’s like. 🙂  Or just watch the crowds. 🙂 haha.  I always have fun on Black Friday.  Saturday, I spent some time with James, again.  He wrote me another song earlier in the week which I thought was beautiful.  Can’t wait to to hear it when it’s recorded. :).  Sunday, James and I spent the day together and I had another rehearsal at night.


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