Nov 17-23, 2014 3rd week of November

Monday, was a very hectic day for me.  One thing just kept happening after another.  I was glad to unwind later in the evening.  We went to eat sushi at Sushi Mac. Yumm.  James said he wrote a song about me which he sang to me.  I thought it was so sweet.  🙂


The next day which was Tuesday, I had work in the day and rehearsals at night for a musical I got casted in.  My rehearsals were supposed to start at 6p but I didn’t get done with work till 8p on another side of town.  But I headed straight there after to pick up my script and score.  Wednesday, I stayed home most of the day studying cause I had rehearsals at night and there’s a lot to remember for my role.  When I got to my rehearsals later, I was given two additional roles.  Yikes.  I’m grateful for it but I just hope I can get it all down in a timely manner cause the director said we are actually in a time crunch.

Rehearsing at the director’s place.

IMG_20141119_210902 IMG_20141119_210840 IMG_20141119_211245 IMG_20141119_210928

Thursday, I ran errands in the morning.  I bought our Christmas tree , already cause it was on sale 50% off.  Can’t pass that up!  I also, got a few gifts for my cousins and nieces.  I went home afterwards because my mom’s healthcare people were coming.  Later, I had rehearsals.   Friday, I watched a dvd we rented from the library cause it was due.  We went to the library after and I picked up some food for my mom.  I had rehearsals at night then headed to my friend’s place.  On Saturday, I went with my friend to look at a car he is thinking of getting.  We went to his brothers house and then went back to his place.

Cute. 🙂


Today, I’m probably going to take my mom to see the Maze Runner cause she read the book.  I have a semi rehearsal, today but I’m probably going to skip it, cause I haven’t really taken my mom anywhere in a while.


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