Nov 1-9, 2014 1st Week of November


Some of my November decor. 🙂

Okay, I guess this month I’m busier than I thought so I’ll just briefly write what i did each day this week.

On Saturday, my friend from the game store invited me to Comikaze.  We ate at a Korean restaurant after.

IMG_20141101_142351 IMG_20141101_142222 IMG_20141101_142735 IMG_20141101_142805 IMG_20141101_142918 20141101_172532 20141101_172757 20141101_172830

Saw Elvira..

IMG_20141101_161116 IMG_20141101_161201 IMG_20141101_160749 IMG_20141101_160729 IMG_20141101_160721

Creepy dolls behind me.


On Sunday, my mom and I went to the Pierce corn maze at night cause she did not go before.  She was scared half way through so we left early.

Monday, I had RPG and went to Wokanos with the guys from the store.

Tuesday, I had an audition then went out to eat at Don Cuco in Toluka Lake.

Wednesday, I just went to work.

On Thursday, I went grocery shopping and ran some errands.  I also, met up with a couple friends at Starbucks.

Friday, I had lunch with a friend at Crave Cafe.  I went to play one game at the store, then met up with another friend at starbucks.

Saturday, I met some friends for a hike, came home, then back to the store to play a long game of firefly.

Gay firefly. ;p


I met with a friend later and we watched some movies at his place.  We started Sherlock on netflix, too which was pretty good.

Sunday, I slept most of the day cause I was really tired from being up early and staying up late on Saturday.  I headed to my friends place later in the night.  He made me dinner which was really nice.




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