Oct 24-31, 2014 Queen Mary, Haunted Trail, Mickey’s Party and Halloween

2014-10-31 20.56.44

Omg, I finally have time to write on here!   Anyways, I’m hoping to have a little more time this month to write on my blog.

On Friday, my friend wanted to show me Halloween town props store.  Loved it!  I always passed by it but never went in.  I’m glad I got a chance to.

Stuffed dead animals at a store next door.  Eww..

IMG_20141024_122211 IMG_20141024_122154

We then headed to Long Beach and ate at Parkers Lighthouse  for lunch.  Nice view and good food.  We had sashimi, pasta, and dessert.


A few of us went to Queen Mary Dark Harbor during the night.  I really liked it and recommend it!  We did fast pass cause the lines get pretty long later in the evening.  We got to go through each maze twice.  The mazes were long, btw so I think it was worth it.

IMG_20141024_191533 IMG_20141024_213231 IMG_20141024_212430-2 IMG_20141024_213321

Saturday, I took my mom to Boney Island cause I heard about it being popular and it’s not too far.  The creater of a popular cartoon, I forget which one, made some halloween decor in his yard where everyone goes to see.  I thought it was ok.  It’s probably, cute for little kids.

IMG_20141025_192335 IMG_20141025_192141

Later, I dropped her off and met my friend to do Sherwood scare.  I’ve been to it earlier with my other friend but my friend wanted to check it out since he lived right down the street from it.  This is a backyard maze I strongly recommend.  We went to a bar called Little Rock after for a drink since I hadn’t seen him in a while, then left.  My drink..


Sunday, it was Paul’s birthday at the store.  Hawaii 5.0 themed so there was hawaiian food which I like.  A friend took a pic of me eating and sent it to me!  Pigging out on Hawaiian food!


We went to another backyard maze a couple friends wanted to check out before heading to Denny’s for a shake.  We played cards against humanity which is always fun. Wow, I’ve been to a lot of mazes this year and I’m doing more and it’s not Halloween, yet.  I think I’m about to be Halloweened out by the end of this month.  It was nice seeing what was out there, though this year and I had fun in each and every one.

On Monday, I went with a friend to see the Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D and 4D at El Capitan theater in Hollywood.  It was good.  We had sushi for dinner.  Then, I had RPG at the store and went home.

Tuesday, we headed down to Temecula to the Big Horse corn maze.  It was pretty simple for us cause we did that huge one earlier in the month.  We ate at a chamorro restaurant in San Diego then headed to a Haunted Trail nearby.  We stopped at a pet store next door and these lizards were hamming it up for us.  I really like the Haunted trail.  It was a mile long outdoors and had some really cool scary parts.  I would definitely, go back again sometime.  We also, did their maze.

20141028_123354 20141028_123333 20141028_134707

20141028_16004520141028_164524 20141028_164407 20141028_164320 20141028_164357

Wednesday, some of us went to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland.  You can arrive 3 hours early so we did and rode some rides.  I liked how they decorated space mountain, thunder mountain, and haunted mansion for Halloween.  Later, at night we got some candy at the trick or treat stations. 🙂

IMG_20141029_151632IMG_20141029_152139 IMG_20141029_152158 20141029_184925 20141029_185051

I think I’m stocked for the year! 😉 IMG_20141030_101857-2

Thursday, I brought my mom to the ghost train at Griffith.  It’s a good attraction for kids.  My mom liked it cause it’s not scary.

IMG_20141030_192040 IMG_20141030_201609

Friday, was Halloween!  My friend invited me to Hello Kitty con so guess where I went?  Hello Kitty con.  Btw, I still think she’s a cat even though SOME people (like my friend) thinks she’s only a girl.  When I asked him to explain the white thing that (I see) as a TAIL sticking out of her butt, he says is white poo.  Yeah, right!  And those people who think that she’s only a girl and not a cat are also, crazy baffoons!  Anyways, it was a cool interesting con I never knew existed.  Later, I met up with my other friend.  Her and I went trick or treating around a nice neighborhood where they always have a decent amount of candy.

IMG_20141031_110756 I made this one.20141031_135909 My friend made this one.20141031_135918 20141031_135649 You can’t help but look like hello kitty herself after this con. 20141031_140733

We ate sushi for lunch.  Oyster shooters!


2014-10-31 21.01.55

After, I met with my other friend and we went to magic mountain fright fest.  The mazes were so so.  We didn’t ride any rides.  And it started raining hard toward the end of the night.  Anyways, I still had a good time and month.  :).


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