Oct 14-22, 2014 Huntington Library, Pierce Fright Fair, and Backyard haunts.

Tuesday, I think I stayed home.  I honestly, don’t remember.  I’m having a hard time blogging cause I’ve been pretty busy but I’ll try at least, weekly to.  Wednesday, I went to the screening of Insidious 3.  It was really good!  I thought Insidious 1 was okay and never saw the 2nd one but the 3rd was really good!  Good scary parts.  Thursday, I met up with my friend Eric who had guest passes to the Huntington Library.  We spent most of the day walking around.


We then went to a sushi restaurant in Pasadena for lunch.  We played at GEP after.


I liked this one.  Similar to zombicide and not much set up.IMG_20141016_170228

Friday, after work, I took my mom to a Haunt Adventure in Burbank.  She doesn’t like when it’s too scary so I took her to a place for kids cause they tend to have non scary events.  There was a maze there that wasn’t scary but it was pretty good for what it was.  It was like a regular haunt maze but the monsters came out a little ahead of time so you’re not too scared.  It was only $5 and I think it was worth the price.  Saturday, my friends and I went to Pierce Fright Fair for the first time.  I’ve never been but heard of it before.  I thought the mazes were pretty good.  I usually, go to Halloween Horror nights every year but wanted to try some other mazes this year.



A ghost flew through our picture. 😉20141018_213752

Sunday, I went with my friend to Ipic again and we saw Dracula.  It was okay good.  We went to Sherwood scare and Backwoods maze after which is always good.  Monday, my mom had labs early in the morning so I did a bunch of errands after since we were already out.  I went to RPG at night.  Tuesday, I stayed home most of the day and cleaned. It always feels good to clean!  Today, I’m going to EK. 🙂


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