Northern California – Day 3 of 3

Northern California Day 3

I woke up around 8am to go swim in the pool.  I wanted to swim before we had to check out.  Holiday Inn Express usually offers breakfast, so I grabbed breakfast before I headed back to my room.  My friend and I had seperate rooms so we did our own thing till about 11am.  After we checked out, we went up to San Francisco to the San Francisco Dungeon.  I really liked this attraction.  It was interesting and different.  They showed some history of San Francisco but in a dark way, I guess.  Anyway, I thought it was cool.  I got some souvenirs.

IMG_20141016_111147 IMG_20141016_110837

Syringe pen.


We then walked a little in Fisherman’s wharf and drove across the golden gate bridge.  It was my first time on the bridge so we drove on it just so I can see it cause last time I went to San Fran when another friend of mine lived there we took the bart in, which is underground so I never got to drive on it.


Then, we headed south to San Martin.  We stopped at a pumpkin patch called, Uesagi Farms.  It was mostly for little kids but we checked it out.  We got the package deal which included a little train ride, enchanted hay ride, 3 corn mazes, and a pumkin blaster.  I liked the hay ride, butterfly maze (where you’ll learn about butterflies), and the pumpkin blaster.  There was another maze that was not bad, either where you have to solve things to get out.


IMG_20141013_165815IMG_20141013_171748IMG_20141013_171839IMG_20141013_172135IMG_20141013_172317IMG_20141013_172323IMG_20141013_172612IMG_20141013_172630IMG_20141013_172714IMG_20141013_172612IMG_20141013_172714IMG_20141013_173316IMG_20141013_174337IMG_20141013_175127IMG_20141013_175134IMG_20141013_175928IMG_20141013_180453IMG_20141013_18423920141013_18435520141013_18435820141013_18441020141013_184914After, we went to a sushi restaurant we saw up the street before heading back home.  So good.

IMG_20141013_191820We stopped at Pismo Beach (where I’ve stayed before and really liked), to stretch.  It’s a very small town so it was very quiet when we were there.  All we heard were the sounds of the waves.



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