Northern California – Day 2 of 3

Northern California Day 2

We woke up and had breakfast across the street at McDonald’s.  We headed to Dixon to the Cool Patch Pumpkins for their corn maze.  They have the largest corn maze in the world and was listed in the Guinness book of world records for having a 45 acre maze in 2010.  This year is their biggest at right under 60 acres.  We had a lot of fun completeing it!  There are 4 bridges throughout you will be able to go up and look down to see how far you’ve come.  Bring water and sunscreen if you plan on doing this maze.

The 2014 corn maze map.


Pumpkin Patch.


The Maze.

20141012_142651IMG_20141012_124634 20141012_133132 IMG_20141012_12495120141012_133430IMG_20141012_132735

After we were done, we drove back to the hotel, and got ready to go to a haunt called, Pirates of Emerson.  It was located in Pleasanton.  This attraction was so much fun!  I’d definitely, come back.  We did 6 mazes and the ticket booth said we could do it a 2nd time through if we wanted.  We didn’t have enough time to do all a second time but we tried.  They had some cool games and the psychic they had there that read my tarot reading was spot on!  Everything she said, I had just said on the ride there to my friend which was so weird.  The Pirates of Emerson was definitely, worth checking out on this trip.


20141012_193355 20141012_195245 20141012_19522920141012_213241


We bowled with some heads.


After, we wanted to grab dinner since we had no time eat in the day so we went to Denny’s cause it was the only thing openned that late.


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