Northern California – Day 1 of 3

Northern California Day 1

We headed up to Morgan Hill early morning.  We made a stop at a gas station and I walked across to a market where they sold the old cigarette candies and gums.  I haven’t seen those since I was kid so I had to get them.


Yes, and it still has smoke when you blow.  I got the gum one with the intention of getting the candy but oh well, it still tasted good.  Next time I’m heading up north, I’ll be sure to grab the candy one.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn express in Morgan Hill.  I’ve stayed at the expresses before and I like those hotels.  We checked in and went up to San Francisco to eat.  We had some chamorro food, cause I’m chamorro, and we heard there’s one in San Fran.  I thought it was an okay good restaurant.  There were some good dishes and some okay ones.  I liked their chicken and shrimp kelaguen, finadeni sauce, and empanada.  It reminded me of home.


After, we went to a small haunt attraction called, Dead Time Dreams, in San Jose.  It was okay.  It had 2 mazes and a lot of things for kids to do.  The clowns were pretty good at looking creepy.

20141011_203713 20141011_203749 20141011_203801


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