Oct 8-10, 2014 Ek, Eric’s bday, and Dentist

So yes, on Tuesday we saw The Purge Anarchy.  It was interesting.  I didn’t see the first one so I did not know what to expect.  On Wednesday, we played a few games and then went to Denny’s.


Thursday, I worked then went to Il Fornaio restaurant in Pasadena for my friend, Eric’s birthday.

Loved their calamari!


Again, I keep forgetting to take a pic of my food till after I’m done.  Seafood pasta and wine.  Very satisfied. 🙂


My dessert.  Recommended by our waiter.  It had something on top, I forgot, and sherbert.


All 6 of us took a bite of Eric’s birthday dessert from the restaurant.  It was a some type of custard.  Really good.


Today, I had a dental appointment.  I got my final fillings in, now I just need to replace my crowns on my next appointments.  Oh on the way there, between the parking and the building I usually walk to, was blocked off.  I asked the news crew what was going on and he told me, the president.  I didn’t stay cause I had my appointment but I probably would’ve if I didn’t have to go. 🙂




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