Oct 1-7, 2014 Halloween Month

Wednesday, I started decorating.  Rarrr!


You scared?


I got the Jason silhouette from Comic Con and my friend bought me BANG walking dead game.  I like the regualar BANG so can’t wait to play it!


Thursday, my mom and I read all morning then went to the library to pick up a Halloween cartoon movie and a scary book.  Each week in October we’re watching a Halloween related movie.  One week, an old Halloween movie, next week a new one, and so forth.  This week since October just started, we thought we’d start simple and just watch a cartoon movie.  We also borrowed a book from Steven King.

Friday, my friends and I, went to a corn maze that’s not scary but a daytime maze.  We originally was going to another one that was 4  acres but it was closed on Friday so we went to one in Moorpark called, Underwood Family Farms, that was 2 acres.  It’s a cute pumpkin patch with farm animals, pumpkins, and other things to do.  The news was there, so it must be a good one, right? 🙂  Anyways, I’ll definitely go back there again, someday.  They have a really good strawberry ice pop made with real strawberries!  Good for a hot day.




Later, me and a couple friends, went to Room Escape.  You’re locked in a room with a total of 10 people.  They put you in with your goup and other groups, totalling 10.  You have 1 hour to escape by finding clues.  There’s a zombie that is chained to the wall.  His chains losen every 5  minutes and if he touches you, you sit out but can still yell out to help.  This was fun.  The zombie’s not scary and we were running around by the end of it to not be touched.  We got all the clues except the last, so we did not escape.  But we had a good time. 🙂


Saturday, we went to Sushi Dans (yumm), then to Baskin Robins for dessert.  We went to EK for a bit then I headed home, cause I had to be up early.  Sunday, my mom had labs.  We were going to see a movie but instead came straight home.  My friend came over, later and we swam in my pool.  Monday, I just ran errands and went home.  We’ve been watching, The Voice.  Today, Tuesday, I’m taking my mom to see The Purge then later in the evening, I have RPG.



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