Sept 30, 2014 Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, and Dinosaurs

We were heading to Big bear and thought we’d stop by Lake Arrowhead along the way.  We got to the lake and got on a ferry that took us around the lake.  It was a narrative tour and was quite informative.  I really enjoyed the ride and getting to see the whole lake and the houses surrounding it.  He named a few celebrity homes there.


We saw a dead bird on the ground on our way out of a store. 😦  It looked so small and peaceful.  I wanted to bury it but we didn’t have time.  And my friend didn’t want me to touch it in case it had a desease which was valid.  RIP little birdie.


We headed to Big bear and as soon as we got there, we grabbed a bite to eat.  We then drove a little around the lake then headed to their local zoo, Big Bear Alpine Zoo.  I really like their zoo.  It was a small zoo but a bunch of animals that I was happy to see.


This bear was quite a ham.  He came and sat right in front to pose for us. 🙂


Racoon swinging in a bucket.

IMG_20140930_150950My bear earrings souvenir.


After the zoo, we headed to Cabazon to see the dinosaurs.  These were the ones in the Pee Wee Herman movie, I think.  The place was closed by the time we got there but I took some pictures.


I wanted a close up of my bear earrings from Big Bear.

Then we headed to Pasadena cause we wanted to watch movies at the IPic.  We were a little early for our movie cause we rsvp’d for 10p in case we got back from Big Bear late so we stopped at a game store for a bit before heading there.

The theater had a lounge bar, confortable seats, and of course, food!


I had the lobster roll which I thought was going to be sushi but I guess, I didn’t read the small print, because it was lobster in a bread roll. duh. lol.  I thought it was okay/good.  I really liked the Thai coconut shrimp.  The sauce was really good and went well with the shrimp.  Oh, we saw, A walk among the tombstones.  It was good.  Not the best or anything but good.  I don’t know.  I’m borderline between good and okay/good.  How about you watch it and decide for me.  😉


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