Sept 26-29, 2014 Aquarium, Scavenger hunt, Comic con

Friday, we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific followed by a whale watching tour.

Petting the jelly fish.


I loved seeing the otters, penguins, and all the different creatures of the sea.

20140926_110637 20140926_112039 20140926_112129 20140926_105916 20140926_103406 20140926_103306

This sting ray was literally just chilling.


Petting a shark, again.

20140926_104048 20140926_104027

Bigger shark of which I did not pet. 🙂


We then went on a whale watching tour.

20140926_122051 20140926_121920 20140926_122335

Crazy hair.


It was nice going out to sea but then I got sea sick.  Not to the point I threw up but I definitely, felt nauseous.  I never got sick on the cruise ship, Catalina Express, or the submarine in Avalon but this boat, I did.  I think cause it was a lot smaller so it sways more.  I did get to see dolphins and a whale though so I’m glad but I don’t think I’ll be doing another whale tour in the near future unless, it’s a much bigger boat.  I do recommend it though if you don’t get seasick cause the whale was so cool to see in it’s natural habitat.  After the boat ride we walked a little more in the Aquarium then walked outside on the grass on a hill near it.  The place behind me is called, Parkers Lighthouse which we end up eating at on Sunday.  We sat on the hill which was nice and saw the Carnival ship preparing to leave.  Oh we had sushi for dinner. 🙂

20140926_172207 20140926_172231

Saturday, one of my friends invited me to a Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt in Laguna Beach.  We had a team of 4.  There were other teams, as well.  It was a lot of fun!  It was great getting to know Laguna Beach.  I recommend this.


We were back in Long Beach on Sunday for Comic con.

20140928_120050-2 20140928_120244-2 IMG_20140928_111958IMG_20140928_112456

My friend bought me a batgirl dress so I changed into it.  These kids dressed as the guardians of the galaxy were so cute.

20140928_142651 20140928_141929 20140928_135243 20140928_142855

We went to Islands across the street for lunch then went to see a movie at the Pike.  We saw Guardians of the Galaxy, again cause the first time we attempted to see it we got in late, toward the end of the film.  We had some time to kill after so we snuck in to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for an hour and left.  It seemed like a good movie.  I would love to see it another time.  For dinner, we went across the street to Parkers Lighthouse.

20140928_211842 20140928_213727 20140928_215301 Oyster shooters with vodka.20140928_221707

20140928_221719  20140928_205337 20140928_205320 20140928_205458All the food was yumm!

On Monday, my friend came over and we worked on some music.  Then, I had RPG and ate after with some friends from the store.


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