Catalina Island – Day 1-2

Sept. 20-21, 2014

I love Catalina Island.  We stayed the weekend for my mom’s birthday.  Our hotel was right by the beach so it was perfect.  The weather was also perfect!  We spent our time shopping, reading, eating, and relaxing at the beach.  We also, went to the arcade and did a little bowling and games.  We wanted to go to the Avalon Theater on Sunday but it was closed so we opted for an excursion, instead.  I asked the front desk what was a good excursion and he recommended a few including the undersea exploration which was a submarine excursion. I’m glad we chose that one cause we got to see a lot of fishes.  We climbed up to the top after we reached lovers cove and enjoyed the ride back to Avalon on top which was nice.

Departing from San Pedro.  What do we see out of our window?  Princess Cruise!

IMG_20140920_074945 IMG_20140920_075456

We arrived at Avalon.  We went walking and shopping.  My mom wanted me to try some hats on.IMG_20140920_104958IMG_20140920_105047

IMG_20140920_111839IMG_20140920_111226IMG_20140920_111918IMG_20140920_111858At the beach.IMG_20140921_143328

The 2nd day, at the beach, again.


Later, waiting for the submarine.




There were so many fishes.


Top of the submarine on the way back to Avalon.  Beautiful view from the ocean of Avalon.


We had a good time.  I recommend this tour.

Waiting for the Catalina Express to head home.  Sad to leave the island.



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