Sept. 9-13, 2014 Hearst Castle and San Luis Obispo

Tuesday, I went to work.  On Wednesday, I worked in the morning then went to EK.  Thursday,  I went to work then to the Observatory.  My friend got my mom and I tickets to see the show, Centered in the Universe at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium.  We really enjoyed it.  We looked in the telescope after.  My friend wanted to go to the Hearst castle on Friday.

Walking around the first floor.

IMG_20140912_130945-2 IMG_20140912_131618-2 IMG_20140912_132615 IMG_20140912_132452-2 IMG_20140912_131835-2 IMG_20140912_132716

Ceiling in the dining room.

IMG_20140912_132802 IMG_20140912_140638


I thought the house was rather dark.  I like my place to have lots of light so I would’ve installed a lot more windows if I were him. Lol.  But the hand carving all over the walls were nice.  I’ve seen those before and I think it’s amazing how much thought goes in to those designs.  We saw a bunch of goats on the street and hills on the way down to the main entrance.


Hearst Theater


We were going to do the 2nd floor, as well but we didn’t have time cause we wanted to see the gravity house in San Luis Obispo.  Turns out the gravity house wasn’t located in San Luis Obispo but in northern ca so we just headed down to the San Luis Obispo anyway cause it was on the way home.  On our way there we saw a huge rock and I wanted to drive close to see what it was.  We found out you can actually drive on it.  Well, close enough to touch it. 🙂  We just got out and took pictures.  It was very nice to see.

Morro Rock.


We stopped in San Luis Obispo to check out the gum wall.


IMG_20140912_171649 IMG_20140912_171712

But I put my gum there. lol!


We then went down the street to Ciopinot to eat.

IMG_20140912_174319 IMG_20140912_175305 IMG_20140912_181719 IMG_20140912_185716

On our way back we saw the Madonna Inn and decided to stop and look.  I’ve seen it on tv but never in person.  It’s a hotel that has a different theme in each room.  I definitely, want to stay there one day.

20140912_194055 20140912_20052020140912_201106


Beautiful flowers in the restaurant and they had live music.20140912_194206 20140912_195353

The womans bathoom.


We stopped at Pepperdine University to see the flags for 911.  There’s a flag for every person who died on 911 and each flag is from the country they’re from.  Most were from the US.  I heard there’s over 3,000 flags.


Today, I wanted to spend time at the pool but I just don’t have time.  I got up, ran some errands, store, post office, etc…  I had to grab lunch and now I’m at the library.  Hopefully, Monday before rpg, I’ll have time cause I want to finish reading my book which I haven’t had time to get to since I haven’t been home.  And, I heard it’ll be in the 100’s next week so perfect time for swimming.



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