Sept 1-6, 2014 Safari Park, Tyler’s bday, and Observatory

Monday, I went to the San Diego Safari Park.  I will have to post a seperate post for that because there’s a lot of pictures but I really enjoyed it.  Tuesday, my mom had clinic and appointments all day at UCLA.  Wednesday, I went to the game store then we went to Barney’s to celebrate Tyler’s birthday.  We had some good food which by the way, I’m a huge fan of their ranch dressing so I like ordering the calamari and cheese sticks just to have that.  Lol.  Afterward, we had dessert.  My ice cream.


Arsen ordered make your own smores which came with your own fire!  Tyler and I thought it deserved a pic and a taste!  lol.  So cool!


Thursday, I took my mom to the park.  We stayed home most of the day and played games.  My mom likes to play games, too. :). On Friday, I went with my friend Arsen to the Desconso gardens.  I thought it was okay.  I liked the gift shop cause they have their Halloween stuff set up already.

IMG_20140905_112059 IMG_20140905_112031

Later, we went to the Griffith Observatory and we saw Times Up at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium.  The theater is so cool.  The screen is on the ceiling in the shape of a huge dome.   I really enjoyed that show.  I want to see all the shows there!

Pic from the observatory.


Today, my mom and I are going to Balboa Lake then running a few errands and shopping for groceries.  That’s my week for now. 🙂



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