Yosemite – Day 3 of 3

Yosemite day 3


The last day, my mom and I got up and ate an early breakfast downstairs so we could get an early start in Yosemite.  After driving 1 hour from Fresno and driving through that 1 hour windy road, we finally got to Yosemite Valley.  Right before the heart of Yosemite Valley, we stopped at Tunnel View.  I’ve been here before but the view was still incredible to see.  Unlike the top view of half dome, from the day before, the view is from the side, along with the view of El Capitan.  When waterfalls are at it’s peak, you can usually see them from here, as well.


We then stopped at Bridalveil falls.  There was very little water flowing.  The best time to see the waterfalls is around May, because it is right after the snow has melted.  About this time of year, in August, the falls are pretty much dried up.  But the looks of huge rocks the waterfall falls on is still an amazing site to see.

After, we made our way down to Yosemite Valley and caught the free shuttle bus that takes you around.  We first headed to the food court at stop 8 at Yosemite Lodge.  We were hungry and grabbed some lunch.  I had the hot dog with fruit.


We got back on the bus and stopped at the Valley Store to look for some suveniers and just look around.  We then got back on the shuttle to Yosemite falls, one of my favorites. When the water is flowing it is so beautiful.  It was dry on this trip which I knew it was going to be prior to going but I still wanted to see it.  The views of the rocks are still spectacular to look at. We took a few pictures.


We saw a blue bird as we were walking.



Random pics…


This Monday, I went to the San Diego Safari Park with some friends.  I’ll probably have to post that later cause there’s so many pictures we took.  That was an awesome day!



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