Yosemite – Day 2 of 3

Yosemite day 2


We got up early and ate breakfast downstairs in the hotel.  We headed to the Nissan dealership nearby to have my car checked because it was making a noise on the first day.  Turns out it was my transmission.  I have a 2008 but lucky it was still under warranty that turned out to be free to replace.  They said they would need the car to stay overnight but gave me a free rental car to go to Yosemite (because I told them that’s where we were headed).  They even threw in 3 extra days free car rental if I wanted to stay longer.  Props to enterprise for that!  I ended up using it for only 2 but still, that was nice of him.  And he gave us a fairly new car because we were driving into the valley.  So it worked out for us.  Almost every person in Fresno I met on this trip were really nice.

I took a picture of our Nissan service rep, Jason’s keyboard cause one of my close friends is a huge 49ers fan and I thought he’d like that pic.  He even had a niners tape dispenser.


The process took up most of our day so the first day we only had time to see the sequioa trees in Mariposa Grove and drive up to Glazier point.  I’ve been to Yosemite before so I fairly remembered my way there.  Last time, I didn’t drive so this time I still had to find my way but, we made it.  The sequioas are always nice to see.  They’re a breed of trees that have huge tree trunks and need heat and fire to survive.  We walked around taking pictures and visited the grizzly giant.

IMG_20140825_143617 IMG_20140825_144302 IMG_20140825_143530 IMG_20140825_151049IMG_20140825_151102IMG_20140825_151130IMG_20140825_151335IMG_20140825_151439IMG_20140825_151446

Then we took the long windy road up to Glazier point.  The views were amazing.  You have a really good view of half dome from above.  The wind from up there felt great because it was hot most of the day.  I’m so glad we could squeeze it in cause by the time we got there it was probably around 6p.  We took a few pictures, enjoyed the view, then headed out cause I didn’t want to drive through the valley in the dark.

IMG_20140825_171529 IMG_20140825_171855 IMG_20140825_172554 IMG_20140825_170823IMG_20140825_170625 IMG_20140825_170611


We ended up staying at our same hotel in Fresno, cause the car was closer to it so I had to make that 2 hour drive back.  We grabbed some food along the way and just headed back to the room and ate.  We stayed in most of night, relaxed, and watched some tv cause the next day I wanted to get an early start at Yosemite, again.  Oh I forgot to mention the first day I checked out the pool.  That was very nice and relaxing.  I wanted more days like that but the next day we had to start early in Yosemite cause I had to make it back in time to return their car and get mine before they close.


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