Yosemite – Day 1 of 3

Yosemite day 1

Aug 24-26, 2014

We drove out to Yosemite early morning on the 24th.  The day after my trip to, Reno.  The night before I went out to eat sushi with a friend in Woodland hills.  Their salmon hand roll was really good.  I got home around 11p that night and gathered all my thing for the early morning trip.

Our first stop was in Bakersfield.  I wanted to stretch a little so we stopped and looked at the outlet mall they had out there.  Then we headed out to Bravo Farms Cheese Factory which is right off the 99.  My mom and I took a few pictures there.  We saw some animals and climbed up a big tree house and most importantly, tried their cheese!  Yumm.

There’s a donkey with a sign outside that says feed the animals.  Too bad I didn’t have anything on hand at the time.


I bought this to try…


Walking around the back.


7 story tree house.


We saw a bunch of names written on every floor so we thought we’d leave our mark.




After the tree house, we continued walking around the back.


On our way out, a woman was BBQing some huge steaks.

IMG_20140824_133741 IMG_20140824_133825

After we were done, we headed to Fresno where our hotel was.  I wanted to stay there so I had time to rest before the long drive into Yosemite Valley the next day.

My mom getting cozy in her bed. 🙂



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