Aug 15-17, 2014 Chevy’s Fresh Mex and Speed Zone

Friday, I went to the store then we went to Chevy’s Fresh Mex restaurant.  I had the Mar Y Tierra which was really good and filling.  It had a grilled chicken taco, a steak fajita, and a crab & shrimp enchilada with rice and beans on the side.  Doesn’t that sound delicious?  Well, it was.  And I would’ve taken a picture but I saw it looked delicious and ate it before I could remember.  After, we went back to the store to play more games, then we went to Dennys and had a milkshake.

Saturday, I did a lot of errands in the morning and afternoon, because I’m going out of town later this week.  I was so tired, I came home and was supposed to sleep for 10 minutes cause I had to meet my ex roommate to go to Speed Zone.  I kept pressing the snooze button and 2 hours later we finally met up.  Oh my god, I was so tired.  By the time we met up it was already night. But I got my energy back once we rode the 1st ride which was the go karts.


We did the drag racing next.  Fun!


Then we went miniature golfing.  Followed by tons of arcade games.


#birthday month

I painted my nails with lips on it.  It’s bright pink but doesn’t look like it on here.

IMG_20140814_230208 IMG_20140814_230145

I also, bought some cool spiderman playing cards earlier, today.


Today, I’m doing lots of laundry, grocery shopping, and packing.  I’m flying to Reno to see my sister and my dad later in the week.  Then when I get back from my trip, the very next day, I’m going to Yosemite with my mom.  She’s never been so I thought I’d take her.


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