Aug 11-13, 2014 Wokcano, friends, dentist, and Benihanas

On Monday, we had RPG at the store then we went to Wokcano.  It’s an asian fusion restaurant and the food there was good.  I keep forgetting to take pictures of my food, cause if it’s good, I usually just start eating. 🙂  Anyways, we shared some sushi and regular food and enjoyed the delicious oyster shooters!  I had two. 😉   We stayed till about 1:30a then went home.  Yesterday, Tuesday, I had another dental appointment.  I’m getting my teeth done at UCLA with a senior dental student throughout the year.  Well, not the whole year but, throughout.  The next time I see him is in October.  My mom has been going to UCLA for her medical appointments so I trust them.  Along with my crowns, I am getting my old fillings replaced and he has to go over things with his professor so it’s a drawn out process but, I’m okay with it, because they are very thorough since they have to go through everything.  Like, the first day they did a bone density check and other exams of my mouth before they worked on it.  The professor always does a double check when he works on me, as well.  I feel I’m getting better care with my teeth vs a regular dentist, because they have to be so thorough.  Later, I went to my friend’s place.  We payed homage to Robin Williams and watched Jumanji (which I’ve never seen before).  I didn’t go there to watch that specifically but we stumbled on it and figured, why not?  We also, watched an 80’s, well, early 90’s film.  Today, I just finished making my moms dinner and I’m about to jump in the shower, cause after lunch, I might head to the store for a bit.  We’re also, going to Benihanas tonight.  🙂  Birthday month.


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