Solvang and Santa Barbara, CA – day trip

Aug 23, 2014

I’ve never been to this city or even heard of it but some friends were talking about going there for a day trip.  We went to Solvang a day after I got back from Vegas.  A few people cancelled last minute but we still ended up taking the trip out there.  On our way to Solvang we stopped in Santa Barbara and walked along the pier.  I’ve been to Santa Barbara before but not on the pier.  There were vendors on the sidewalk leading up to the pier.


A creative homeless guy building a sand mermaid and a dog resting under some surfboards on the beach. IMG_20140803_104723IMG_20140803_104830IMG_20140803_105029IMG_20140803_111016 IMG_20140803_104945

The weather was a bit overcast in Santa Barbara with a drizzle here and there but not to where it made our stay unenjoyable.  We walked to the end of the pier and went into the aquarium.  I got to pet a small shark for the first time. 🙂  I didn’t realize how rough their skin were.

IMG_20140803_110717 IMG_20140803_110749 IMG_20140803_110203 IMG_20140803_110956 IMG_20140803_105441 IMG_20140803_105507 IMG_20140803_114518

We then headed to Solvang but stopped at an Ostrich farm.


I was afraid to feed the Ostriches so I fed the Emus, instead.  The Ostriches were pretty rough.


I call my friend Noah cause he manages to attract animals to him and has some really funny animal stories that happened to him.  And everytime I hang out with him I come across an animal, like this trip, for instance! 🙂




Okay, so we finally headed to Solvang. 🙂  The city is a small town known for it’s Dutch culture.  There seemed to be one street with hotels and restaurants and another filled with stores, and bakerys, and coffee shops, etc…  We walked both streets, first heading toward the shops, because that’s where we parked.

IMG_20140803_130720 IMG_20140803_130938

There was a music box store that had all kinds of cool figurines.


A letter openner.

IMG_20140803_135422 IMG_20140803_135324

You can press a button and the carousel actually spins around.

IMG_20140803_135215 IMG_20140803_132945

We kept walking in most of the shops then went to grab a bite for lunch at this place called, Succulent Café.  We looked it up on yelp and it was highly recommended, as well, as Paula’s Pancake house but it was too crowded in there so we decided on Succulent Cafe.  I thought my food was okay.  Nothing great.  Although, I did hear most of the great reviews were from the dinner menu which they did not serve during lunch, unfortunately.



Now, unlike my lunch, the Danish Waffle was delicious! 🙂

IMG_20140803_151115 IMG_20140803_152849




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