Birthday Las Vegas & Grand Canyon – Day 2 of 3

Birthday Day 2

We spent most of the day driving to Arizona visiting the Grand Canyon.  We visited the South Rim so it was a 5 hour drive from Vegas. We stopped at a store gas station along the way there.  All I know is it had a lot of Route 66 souvenirs so I’m assuming the store was called Route 66.  Anyways, the drive over was nice.  I did not realize Arizona had many trees in certain areas.  I’d pictured it to be all desert but I was pleasantly surprised.  When we finally got to the Grand Canyon, we went to a look out point. I couldn’t believe how big it was and how amazing it looked.  One of my friends said, it looked like a painting cause it didn’t look real, and I totally agree.  If I can say one word to describe what I thought of it, it would be ……WOW.

photo 1-7IMG_20140731_104959IMG_20140731_104927IMG_20140731_105142IMG_20140731_105049-2IMG_20140731_105011photo 4photo 2-5

The weather was supposed to rain with scattered t-storms that day but it was actually bright and sunny the whole time we were there.

IMG_20140731_112539photo 3-2IMG_20140731_105345IMG_20140731_112558IMG_20140731_112629-2photo 5-3photo 4-4

My friend and I took a selfie while waiting for another friend.  We wanted a group photo but we couldn’t get cell service to tell my friend where we were.  FYI if you’re ever at the Grand Canyon.  No cell service.

photo 2-10photo 1-11photo 4-5photo 5-4

It took us 5 hours, again to get back to Las Vegas.  On the way back it actually started raining.  I’m grateful it didn’t happen while we were there.  By the time we were back in Vegas we were so exhausted but we wanted to eat dinner.  We ate at a buffet, walked through the casino and shops, went on a couple rides, and played some games.  We didn’t really gamble this trip. Well, I didn’t, at least. :).  I just really wanted to see the Grand Canyon on this trip.  I definitely, want to make a trip back to the Grand Canyon, someday but next time fly in, cause I want to hike and check out the West Rim, as well.  Overall, great trip!  Wonderful wonder of the world.


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