July 23-25, 2014 San Pedro

Wednesday, I had a dental appointment at UCLA, again.  I had a deep cleaning because they want to replace my crown.  I went to ek after that and we hung out at denny’s again afterwards.  Thursday, my mom and I were in San Pedro so we decided to walk on the beach and check out this free aquarium next to it.  It’s nothing like the Aquarium of the Pacific but they had some interesting creatures I’ve never seen before.


Found deep below the sea.

IMG_20140724_141319 IMG_20140724_141330 IMG_20140724_141622 IMG_20140724_141605 IMG_20140724_141753

Other pics

IMG_20140724_141811 IMG_20140724_140201 IMG_20140724_140010 IMG_20140724_135958


Military helicopters 🙂

IMG_20140724_152832 IMG_20140724_154811 IMG_20140724_154421 IMG_20140724_154340

Friday, I did some errands, went to the library, then EK.  We went to ihop after.  I’m starting to get my bday coupons for free meals.  Birthday month. :).



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