July 21, 2014 Time to study that dmv renewal.

Today, I went to Michael’s to get my world map mounted.  I was supposed to head to Republic of Pie right after to study my dmv book but it was going to take a few hours to get my map done so I was stuck in Granada Hills.  I went to Starbucks nearby for a couple hours and had me a caramel frappuccino.  Yummy.


I failed my dmv renewal test a few months ago and never got the time to really read through the book without distractions so I needed a place I could unwind and concentrate.

When I attempted to read it at the pool a couple weeks ago but failed cause someone from my complex was talking to me.


I could’ve went to the library but the book is already boring I didn’t want to be bored out of my mind so I ended up at Republic of Pie after I was done picking up my map.  I like it there.  I had the mushroom and spinach quiche which was good and listened to some live music…while studying, of course. 🙂  My friend came and joined me for a couple hours and left while I continued reading. After, I just did a few grocery shopping and headed home.

Okay looks like crap but I promise it was good.

IMG_20140721_184529 IMG_20140721_185703

Some dude looking at me take a picture.




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