July 14-16, 2014

Monday, I went to breakfast with my friend in Glendale.  I came back home and prepared my mom’s meals before heading to the store.  A friend of mine met me there.  We played mordheim which I thought was okay. She left right after but I stayed till closing.  Then a few of us went to Barney’s Beanery.  Arsen was too kind to treat us to $91 worth of appetizers.  Hungry much?  🙂  yumm.  Tuesday, I went to the store again then to Denny’s till around 2:30a before I called it a night.  Today, Wednesday, I went to Barnes and Noble in the morning because I wanted to replace my other map.  I bought a world map to pin places I’ve travelled.  I like the newer one because it has the small islands I’ve been to unlike my other one.  I also, made a few stops for groceries, headed home for lunch, then back out to the bank and a few more errands.  We played Merchants of Venus, today which I liked.


I just got back from going to Denny’s, again.  We go there to chat because it opens pretty late but I wanted to get back home because I don’t want to wake up late tomorrow.  I’m excited because my birthday is coming up and I’ve been making plans for what I want to do!


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