July 7-8, 2014 Arboretum and Doctor appointments

Monday, I went to the Arboretum with my friend, Arsen.  He has a memborship and could bring a guest so we decided to check it out. The first thing we saw on the trail was the back of a peacock.  The peacock kept turning around as if to show off his beautiful feathers so I jumped in and grabbed a picture.

IMG_20140707_110937 IMG_20140707_110949 IMG_20140707_111006

There were a few peacocks on the trees and roaming around, and the peacock we first saw finally put his feathers down.  I went up close to take a photo and he was not shy at all to have his photo taken.

IMG_20140707_112337 IMG_20140707_111234

There were a few greenhouses up ahead

IMG_20140707_111621 IMG_20140707_111654 IMG_20140707_112031 We continued walking down the trails where there were acres of plants and came across a pond where there were a few ducks.  As we got closer and looked into the water (which was quite dirty) we noticed a few turtle heads staring up at us.  Later, those ducks that we thought were far away, started making their way towards us.  They literally, climbed out the water, even a turtle and came straight for us. Like, that peacock they were not the least bit shy either!  This was the weirdest creepiest thing I’d ever encountered with ducks and a turtle. lol.  I then realized I had some crackers in my purse.  They probably knew that or something the way they came after us.  So I took it out and we started to feed them but tried to aim it away from us so they’d go away. IMG_20140707_115549 IMG_20140707_115659 IMG_20140707_115648

Random pictures throughout the arboretum

IMG_20140707_120052 IMG_20140707_133550IMG_20140707_124144 IMG_20140707_123448 IMG_20140707_123459 IMG_20140707_121321 IMG_20140707_124402 IMG_20140707_123750 IMG_20140707_115207 IMG_20140707_113544 IMG_20140707_113715 IMG_20140707_112958 IMG_20140707_113017 On our way out, we decided to pass by that pond again.  I guess, our curiousity got the best of us, cause we had never seen something like that before.  When we got there, the ducks were no where to be found and as we kept looking in the water we noticed a few turtles sticking their heads up just looking at us. Then yet again, they came climbing up the side toward us.  So weird.

IMG_20140707_120123-2 IMG_20140707_134236

A couple more pics of a peacock and her baby peacock on the way out.  So cute. IMG_20140707_113804 IMG_20140707_113819

On Tuesday, my mom had doctors appointments all day from 6a-5p so that took up most of my day then I went to GEP to play.  Got home around 11:30p and went straight to bed.  I was so tired.



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