July 5, 2014 Casting and Dinner

Some pics from Thursday.  4th of July.

IMG_20140704_211536 IMG_20140704_210325 IMG_20140704_211729 IMG_20140704_211723 IMG_20140704_210740

Friday, my friend came over to my place around noon.  She is in casting and wanted to see if I wanted to do a reality show for one day.  She couldn’t give too many details just that I will receive a call on Monday from someone to find out what it’s about.  If I like it, I would need a friend to join me.  I immediately, thought it may be a game show but she said it wasn’t, so I’m interested in hearing what it could possibly be about.  She stayed a few hours and we caught up with each other because it’s been a while since I’ve seen her.

She left around 4:15p and I had to quickly get ready and make my mom’s food, because another friend was picking me up at 5p.  My friend treated me to some sushi at Sushi Dans in Studio City.  I like going there.  It’s probably, my 3rd or 4th time there and I was never dissapointed.  We shared some sushi and I had this half eaten Dynamite.


We hung out after and 2a, later that night, we went to Denny’s for dessert.  I had the yummy rootbeer float.


Selfie in Denny’s.





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