July 1-3, 2014 Dentist and Gaming

Tuesday, I went to the dentist at UCLA.  My dentist asked me if I had braces before which I have not.  He said, cause I have straight teeth.  He’s the second dentist who mentioned that to me which I thought was funny because I was told as a kid I needed it but when I went to the dentist then, I had cried in the dentist chair and they could not do anything because of me crying.  I never went back because I was scared to get them in and now years later turns out I never needed them after all.  Thank god.  The appointment took a while and it turns out after hearing that great news, he says I’m going to need about $1,600 of replacing two of my crowns.  Talk about buzz kill.  There goes my cruise for December.  Although, I’ve convinced my friend to fly out from Hawaii next year to go with me on another one. I guess, I’ll have to use my tax return for that one.

On Wednesday, I cooked my mom’s favorite soup I make which consists of cream corn, chicken, lots of onions, and vegetables.  I usually, put coconut milk in it, as well but she is on a diet restriction  so I leave it out.  I usually, make a couple days worth so I am free to get out of the house and spend time with my friends or go gaming.


IMG_20140702_114731 IMG_20140702_114421 IMG_20140702_115049

This week EK was closed so a few of us decided to check out Game Haus.  They have a lot of games (I think it was 600) to chose from.  We ended up playing Bruges by Stefan Feld and several others before grabbing some late night food at Ihop.



Today, Thursday, I had breakfast at Shaky’s with a friend, chatted a couple hours, and headed to his place to play some D&D bg with his roommate.  We then spent most of the day at GH cause he had never been.  I headed home around 7p cause I was going to meet up with my other friend but I was really tired.  Crashed out when I got home but now I’m up, writing this blog…


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